Prabhas Salaar Movie 5 Days Box Office Collections

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12/27/20231 min read

Prabhas Salaar Movie 5 Days Box Office Collections

The highly anticipated action thriller, "Salaar", starring Prabhas, has been making waves at the box office since its release. The film, directed by Prashanth Neel, has been receiving positive reviews from both critics and audiences alike. Let's take a look at the box office collections of the movie for the first five days.

Day Collection (in crores) Day 1 ₹ 176.52 cr Day 2 ₹ 101.39 cr Day 3 ₹ 95.24 cr Day 4 ₹ 76.91 cr Day 5 ₹ 40.17 cr

After five days of its release, "Salaar" has managed to collect a total of ₹ 490.23 crores at the box office. The film's impressive performance is a testament to Prabhas' star power and the captivating storyline.

The first day collections of ₹ 176.52 crores set the tone for the film's success. It witnessed a massive opening and garnered positive word-of-mouth, leading to a strong second-day collection of ₹ 101.39 crores. The film continued to perform well on its third day, earning ₹ 95.24 crores.

Despite a slight dip in collections on the fourth day, with ₹ 76.91 crores, "Salaar" managed to maintain its momentum. The fifth day saw a further drop in collections, with ₹ 40.17 crores, but the film's overall performance remains impressive.

With a total collection of ₹ 490.23 crores in just five days, "Salaar" has set a new benchmark for box office success. The film's strong performance can be attributed to Prabhas' popularity and the gripping storyline crafted by director Prashanth Neel.

As the film continues its successful run at the box office, it is expected to surpass many more milestones in the coming days. Prabhas' fans and movie enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the next set of box office figures for "Salaar".