YS Sharmila vs YS Jagan: The Political Battle in AP Elections 2024 - Congress vs YSRCP

1/25/20242 min read

Andhra Pradesh, a state known for its dynamic political landscape, is gearing up for the upcoming elections in 2024. One of the most intriguing aspects of these elections is the political war between YS Sharmila and YS Jagan, the siblings from the influential YS family. This battle has taken center stage, as it not only represents a clash within the family but also a contest between two prominent political parties - the Congress and the YSRCP.

The YS Family Legacy

The YS family, led by the late YS Rajasekhara Reddy, has been a dominant force in Andhra Pradesh politics for decades. YS Jagan, the son of YSR, took over the reins of the YSRCP after his father's untimely demise in 2009. Under his leadership, the party emerged victorious in the 2019 elections, securing a majority in the state assembly.

YS Sharmila's Entry into Politics

YS Sharmila, the younger sister of YS Jagan, recently made headlines by announcing her entry into politics. She formed her own political party, the YSR Telangana Party, with the aim of contesting the upcoming elections in Andhra Pradesh. Sharmila's decision to enter the political arena has created ripples within the YS family and has set the stage for a fierce battle between the siblings.

Congress' Role in the Battle

The Congress party, which once held significant power in Andhra Pradesh, is looking to make a comeback in the state. YS Sharmila has chosen to align herself with the Congress, which has further intensified the political war between the siblings. The Congress sees Sharmila as a potential ally in their quest to regain power in Andhra Pradesh, while the YSRCP views her as a threat to their dominance.

Key Issues and Strategies

In this political battle, both YS Sharmila and YS Jagan are expected to focus on key issues that resonate with the people of Andhra Pradesh. These may include development, welfare programs, agriculture, healthcare, and education. Each candidate will present their own vision and strategies to address these issues and win the support of the electorate.

The Impact on Andhra Pradesh Politics

The YS Sharmila vs YS Jagan battle has the potential to reshape the political landscape of Andhra Pradesh. It not only highlights the internal dynamics of the YS family but also the power struggle between the YSRCP and the Congress. The outcome of this battle will determine the future direction of the state and have far-reaching implications for its people.


The political war between YS Sharmila and YS Jagan in the upcoming Andhra Pradesh elections of 2024 has captured the attention of the entire state. As the siblings from the influential YS family face off, the battle takes on added significance with the involvement of the Congress and the YSRCP. The outcome of this contest will not only shape the political landscape of Andhra Pradesh but also have wider implications for the state's development and governance.